Najahari's Heir To The Throne Of Amarna Ra JC

Rameses is our gorgeous male from our beautiful female Mystic. He's a very social dog and he loves everyone he meets. He has beautiful movement and excellent structure. He's shines in the show ring with his happy personality. Rameses boasts exceptional genetic health through OFA certifications, he is an incredible dog in every way. Rameses loves to lure course and has already earned his JC title. 

Rameses' health clearances:
Hips: PH-391G26M-VPI------------OFA Good
Elbows: PH-EL61M26-VPI---------OFA Normal
Patella: PH-PA100/26M/P-VPI----OFA Normal
Thyroid: PH-TH40/26M/P-VPI-----OFA Normal
Cardiac: PH-CA7/26M/P-VPI------OFA Normal

Eyes: Normal--------------------Specialist Normal