About Us

My name is Sharon Yost. My family and I live with our wonderful Pharaoh Hounds in Brockport, New York. Our dogs are our family and our house companions. We're Pharaoh Hound breeders who strive to preserve the breed's health, temperament, and conformation. Our dogs are certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, OFA, for healthy hips, elbows, thyroid, cardiac, patellas, and eyes. As conscientious Pharaoh Hound breeders, all puppies are sent home with a health guarantee, an AKC dog registration, and a promise that they will have a forever home, should their owners ever become unable to care for them. We never want to see any of our puppies or dogs surrendered to an animal shelter or rescue. We'll either take the puppy back, or will help to assist the owners in finding a suitable, happy home for them. We offer our puppy buyers a lifetime of support. We love our Pharaoh Hounds and enjoy hearing about their new lives and seeing pictures of how they've grown. We believe in upholding the standards of the AKC, American Kennel Club and the Pharaoh Hound Club.

Our Pharaoh Hounds have proven themselves in many dimensions. They are versatile dogs, steadfast in temperament, intelligence, conformation, health, and athleticism. We strive for excellence in our breed. Our Pharaoh Hounds have been awarded many show wins, titles, and certificates. These accomplishments are very important in proving our dog's quality, ability, and positive contribution to the breed. What's equally important is that at the end of the day they're our best companions.

We spend most of our time doing dog related activities, showing, lure coursing, obedience, training, and snuggling with our Pharaoh Hounds. We enjoy spending time with family, cooking, hiking, and traveling to parks with our dogs. Heather is my cooking buddy and my work out partner. She loves soccer and softball, and is a multi-year contender. She was an accomplished junior show handler while growing up, winning numerous times with three dogs in different breeds by the age of 12. She's all grown up now and is a professional dog groomer. She still loves showing and comes to many of the shows with us to compete. Our son Matthew is our adventurist. He keeps us busy and he can always find something exciting to do no matter where we might happen to be. Matthew loves to play golf. He's quite a talented chess player and was a member of his school's chess club. While our children are all grown up now, they enjoy spending time with us and our dogs and still enjoy training our dogs just as much as ever! We have a beautiful grand daughter, Aria, who will be turning seven years old this year! We're very excited for her to begin competing in the show ring this coming year. She loves our dogs and is doing excellent in her training. We're looking forward to having all three generations of us showing together and keeping up on our passion for Pharaoh Hounds that we hold dearly.