We have a beautiful 1 year old female available! We also have an exciting litter of puppies due this summer 2024! Inquiries are being accepted from qualified, loving homes. 

At Amarna-Ra Pharaoh Hounds we take pride in producing dogs that excel in health, temperament, family companionship, conformation, and athleticism. We've included many of our Pharaoh Hound pictures to show the quality in an Amarna-Ra Pharaoh Hound. You can click on any of our pictures to enlarge. Contact Sharon Yost at (585) 705-6387 to learn more about our beautiful Pharaoh Hounds.

Looking for a Pharaoh Hound picture?: Visit our photos, friends and family, and puppies pages to see wonderful pictures of our Pharaoh Hound dogs from puppy to adult dog.

Looking for Pharaoh Hound information?: We'd be happy to answer questions you may have about the exceptional Pharaoh Hound breed. We enjoy sharing our dog's history, traits, temperament, and their many great qualities with people interested in learning more about the breed. Whether you're looking for a pet Pharaoh Hound puppy, a show Pharaoh Hound puppy to excel in the conformation ring, a performance dog, a Pharaoh Hound picture, or just some specific information about the Pharaoh Hound breed itself, we look forward to helping you, and we welcome you to Amarna-Ra Pharaoh Hounds.

Out Of Malta/Egypt:

Below are some Pharaoh Hound books and literature that are great resources to the breed:

"Pharaoh Hound" Kennel Club Dog Breed Series by Juliette Cunliffe

"Pharaoh Hound" by Sacks and Block

"Pharaoh Hounds" by Sue Sefscik

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